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Luangwa Safari House

Lodge style Private Africa retreat

Designed to create memories

Just imagine a beautiful house, rising up from the earth as though it was a part of it, carefully positioned in the middle of one of Africa’s finest wildlife areas. Designed by Neil Rocher, an award-winning designer whose work focuses on ecological tourism-based projects, this home blends in with nature, giving you the opportunity to really escape the Western world. Luangwa House has been designed to awaken your senses from the minute you arrive. As you enter through the enormous pivoting door, you will immediately notice the open front of the house: wilderness right at your doorstep – and isn’t that what you came for? The house sits gracefully on the edge of a lagoon system, frequently visited by large herds of elephants, impalas, giraffes and countless other species who use the lagoon to quench their thirst and splash around. And all river views come with a breathtaking backdrop of the Chindeni Hills. During the dry season, you will find yourself indulging in a delicious lunch on the raised deck, surrounded by up to 80 elephants splashing around and playing in the refreshing water. Open yourself up to Africa: with no windows and even open-air showers, you can let all of Africa come in as a soft breeze.

The four double rooms are each subtly but uniquely decorated, bringing nature into the house by mimicking the elements water, earth, wind and fire. The impressive structure of Luangwa House hangs between twenty-five enormous leadwood poles – this silvery weathered wood embodies the powerful yet elegant roots of the house. Upon entering through the main door you are welcomed by a large airy main area, where you can kick back and enjoy the views provided by the completely open front. You will be surprised by how many animals stroll by the house. Wildlife viewings from your lazy chair are a definite possibility here. The open front of the main area leads out to a tiled terrace with a refreshing plunge pool on one side and a decked walkway through the ebony trees on the other.

Upstairs are the bedrooms and a large wrought iron and marble dining table. Each of the spacious bedrooms boast their own en-suite bathroom and private verandah area, so you can fully enjoy the tranquility of Zambia. And the most important part: during your stay, a dedicated team has your back at every moment of your journey. From a private guide, to a chef and house manager, all of them will make sure your dreams safari come true.

Activities at Luangwa Safari House

Private guides like Chris and Jacob will tailor every activity around your personal preferences and wishes. Although you are in the wild, and animals don’t come when we call them, the guides will do everything in their ability to meet your expectations. With all the wildlife at your doorstep, you might not even feel the urge to go on a safari. But if you do, you will be rewarded with spectacular leopard sightings, meeting lion families, buffalo, wild dogs and many more. Walking safaris come highly recommended, as well as game drives, boating trips, and even private village tours – don’t leave without a beautifully crafted, hand painted textile as souvenir! And if you travel with younger children, don’t stress; they won’t be bored for a minute as the guides and staff really know how to keep them entertained and engaged. When you return to your temporary safari home, be ready for a big brunch, lunch, cocktails or gourmet dinner. Sit down with your loved ones, toast to this special moment, and share the stories of the day while an orange glowing sun sets in the distance. You will make memories that last a lifetime.

Tripadvisor comments Luangwa Safari House

We have just returned from spending four nights here over the New Year. This is one of the best holiday experiences you could ever hope for. The house and setting are breath taking. We had wonderful safari trips into the park with our superb guide (Keke) and saw lots of animals very close up including leopard and lions. Best of all though were the wonderfully friendly staff and the superb food. If you go to one place in Africa make sure this is it.

from London, United Kingdom

It is just a remarkable place in a remarkable setting with remarkable staff. I have visited up-market safari places many times in my life but I have never been anyplace I enjoyed as much as Luangwa House. It's a knockout and not to be missed.

from London, United Kingdom