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Mwamba Bush Camp

Lodge style Photographers’ paradise

Charming and simple

This owner-operated camp is deliberately simple and quaint, with only three chalets that sleep two guests each, and a minimalist approach to the decor and design. This allows you to focus on the reason you came to Africa in the first place: the wonders of the natural world! And you’ll be amazed at the stunning wildlife that use the nearby river bed as a sort of corridor through South Luangwa, including lions, leopards, impala, giraffes, and other exciting game. You don’t even have to leave your room to see the neighborhood’s biggest residents, since the elephants often wander into camp, and a particularly precocious bull named Jerry likes to peep in guests’ windows and surprise them. What could make for a better safari story? Well, maybe it will be the mesmerizing walking safari led by owner Derek, who’s been guiding in this area since the 1990s. Or maybe it will be the array of wildlife you’ll see at the famous Last Waterhold Hide at the edge of camp; as the only permanent watering hole for 10km in any direction, it attracts a wealth of animals. At this camp, you sure don’t have to try too hard to experience the fullness of Africa’s animal kingdom.

Answer the call of traditional African drums announcing delicious breakfasts and dinners (talk about setting the mood!) and for some quiet time in the middle of the day, lunch is conveniently served in your room. The camp’s three reed and thatch chalets are furnished with large, comfortable beds surrounded by white mosquito netting that look up at soaring skylights in the roof. You never miss an opportunity to enjoy the nature right outside your door, including the breathtaking starry night skies. The roomy chalets have large ensuite bathrooms with flush WC and traditional bucket-filled showers. With fresh bed linens and riveting textiles, even your ensuite downtime will be a pleasurable experience. As one of only six guests in the camp at a time, you’ll enjoy the focus of an incredibly attentive staff, and avoid the crowds of the larger camps (and the noise!)

Activities at Mwamba Bush Camp

Morning drums wake you for the first activity of the day, and this is the best time for a walking safari with one of the skilled and highly experienced guides at the camp. This area has few particularly well suited for walking, with few other visitors and an abundance of wildlife around every turn. If you prefer a game drive, the open vehicles that have been carefully modified to suit the needs of photographers will allow for uninterrupted views across the horizon (don’t forget your sun hat!) as you scan for zebra, buffalo, eland, and even one of the last herds of Cookson’s wildebeest in the area. After a scrumptious lunch, perhaps a little siesta (this is your vacation, after all) before afternoon tea, you’ll be refreshed and ready to settle into one of the well-placed hides and watch the watering hole’s hustle and bustle. A few resident hippos and the area elephants are sure to keep things interesting in between the other game that stop by for a drink. If an evening drive is up your alley, consider staying out long enough for a sundowner in the bush, and experience a unique evening in the wide open plains.

Tripadvisor comments Mwamba Bush Camp

Lyndie and Craig were fantastic hosts. Sly found everything we asked for. The food was wonderful and the camp authentic. What more could you ask for? How about seven leopards, a lioness stalking and killing a zebra, elephants joining us for lunch. The list goes on and on. I am looking forward to a return visit to this incredible camp.

from Winchester, VA

I REALLY loved Mwamba. It might even be my favorite Safari camp of the 7 I've visited so far in my life. It's special because: it's very intimate...it's perfectly designed to be part of the landscape, it's authentic, the animal life is literally on your doorstep (or draining the pool you hoped to take a dip in after brunch), the guides are truly the best in the world, you may choose to take a walking safari that changes the way you view your place on this planet forever...