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Tena Tena Camp

Lodge style Intimate and private

A jewel in the bush

Nestled under an impressive grove of mature mahogany trees sits the beautifully maintained Tena Tena Camp. Located in the exclusive Nsefu sector of the South Luangwa National Park, this luxury tented camp peers over a double tiered river bank, and is situated so that each tent enjoys a private long-range view of the Luangwa River. And because it rests between the river and a complex lagoon system, it’s a natural magnet for wildlife, so you won’t have to venture far to see an incredible variety of animals. Constructed with a beautiful mix of contemporary styling and natural materials, this camp showcases the surrounding environment with details like tree trunk tent poles, stunning textiles, and a main common area moulded around a large termite mound. With lounges that offer comfortable seating as well as gorgeous views of the river, you’ll enjoy relaxing in the communal areas as much as the time spent in your delightful tent. And the camp is run entirely on solar power, so you’ll enjoy electricity in the day and evening hours without the noise of generators drowning out the more intimate sounds of this incredible environment.

Tena Tena’s six luxury tents are very secluded; they have been intentionally situated with plenty of space between them and specifically located to maximize your privacy. With only five singles and one large honeymoon suite, this camp is small and intimate, even at the maximum capacity of 12 guests. Each tent has its own large window that looks onto a magnificent stretch of the Luangwa River. You won’t even have to leave your bed to see the hippos wallow and the lions roam in for a drink. The en-suite bathrooms are spacious and open to the elements, designed to copy nature with curved walls around the trees and simple, subtle colours that reflect the beauty of the area. Of course there is a view from every facility, so you’ll never miss a chance to spot the wildlife passing by. The tents’ charming verandahs are complete with cozy sitting areas and excellent views onto the river. Settle in with a book from the camp library and a fresh cup of coffee, and enjoy the sunrise warm the horizon. The delicious meals are served in a spacious open-air tent on the bank of the Luangwa River, and are consistently given very high marks by visitors to the camp. And don’t be afraid to let them know about your dietary needs; they’re happy to accommodate you.

Activities at Tena Tena Camp

Jump into one of the camp’s open-top Toyota Landcruisers for a complete 360 degree view of the scenery, and with only two seats per row, you’re guaranteed a “window seat” for your game drive! The guides will go out of their way to ensure your drive is fulfilling, whether you choose the morning or evening experience; elephants, lions, civets, leopards, buffalo, impala, and a wide range of birds are all likely sightings in this game rich area. And the evening drives, under a canopy of stars, are especially magical. If you enjoy the energy of a walking safari, let their experienced guide (and an armed National Park scout, for your safety and peace of mind) show you details about the bush you won’t get anywhere else. Learn to spot the signs of animals who passed through, identify different tracks, and gain a deeper appreciate of the park’s biodiversity. Tena Tena will also organize a visit to Kawaza Village, with a stop at its schools, or around the Mfuwe community. Both are experiences that are sure to impact you. Children in your party will enjoy a trip to the Wildlife Education centre, which was set up to teach the children of the valley about their environment and conservation. And for a few locally produced souvenirs to take home, be sure to check out the beautiful art at Tribal Textiles.

Tripadvisor comments Tena Tena Camp

You could not ask for better staff than we had in Tena Tena. Guide Julius was extremely accomplished and professional. He showed us so much during our stay. Christa, the camp manager, took us to our room with outdoor bathroom where we could see kudu, puku, white-fronted bee-eaters just feet away and of course we could hear the ever-present noisy hippos! Julius and our spotter, Frank, saw lions mating and we followed them down to the Luangwa River where they drank then mated several times more. Three youngish elephants arrived on the scene and chased the lions back up onto the river bank. Meanwhile the hippos were fighting and one poor individual was also banished to the river bank! Very dramatic.

from Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

We'd rate Tena Tena Camp an 11 out of 10 because, for us, it was absolutely perfect and we loved every second there. It is a beautiful camp, beautifully maintained with an outstanding staff (and of course guides) and fantastic food. We love tented camps and this is one of the best we've ever seen (and we've seen quite a few!). We loved the stunning bathroom especially. Tena Tena is relaxing, lovely, comfortable, fun and very, very friendly. It's also a lovely place to celebrate a birthday!

from Torquay, Australia